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Career Diving


A fulfilling journey beneath the waves with our Career Diving Certification program. Whether you’re dreaming of becoming a professional dive instructor, underwater photographer, marine biologist, or pursuing any other career in the vibrant world of diving, our comprehensive certification courses provide the foundation and expertise you need.

The SSI training materials and online training program are designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace and when it is convenient for you. Enrolling in a specialty course is a great way to hone your dive skills, learn some new ones and gets you one step closer to your ultimate dive experience. You only need to take the specialty programs that are of interest to you. You’ll be confident and comfortable so you can dive independently of your dive Instructor and really enjoy yourself.



Ideal for beginners, our Open Water Diver course provides the fundamental skills needed to become a certified diver. Experience your first open water dives from the comfort of our well-equipped dive boats.

Price: €495 | Duration: 3 Days

EAN Nitrox

Designed for both recreational and professional divers, this course offers the knowledge and skills needed to safely and confidently use enriched air nitrox as a breathing gas for scuba diving.

Price: €195 | Duration: 1 Day (2 Dives)

Night & Limited Visibility

Designed for divers seeking new dimensions in their underwater experiences, this course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate and enjoy the mysteries of the ocean when visibility is limited.

Price: €250 | Duration: 1 Day (2 Dives)

Advanced Wreck Diving

Discover the unique hazards of wreck diving, from entanglement risks to limited visibility, and learn how to mitigate these challenges effectively. Equip yourself with the essential gear, including dive lights, reels, and redundant air sources, and master their configuration and maintenance.

Price: €350 | Duration: 1 Day (3 Dives)

Wreck Diving

Captivating journey into the past with our Wreck Diving Courses. Designed for divers passionate about exploring sunken relics and submerged history, this comprehensive program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to safely navigate and explore wreck sites, unlocking the mysteries of the underwater world.

Price: €250 | Duration: 1 Day (2 Dives)

Boat Diving

Discover the specialized equipment required for boat diving, including surface signaling devices, dive flags, and boat hooks, and understand their roles in enhancing safety and communication during dives.

Price: €250 | Duration: 1 Day (2 Dives)

Deep Diving

Learn the fundamental principles of deep diving, including the physiological effects of increased pressure, gas narcosis, and decompression sickness. Understand the importance of proper gas management and dive planning for extended dives at greater depths.

Price: €350 | Duration: 1 Day (3 Dives)

Scooter / DPV Diving

Discover the benefits of DPV diving, from conserving energy and extending bottom time to covering greater distances and exploring more dive sites in a single outing.

Price: €250 | Duration: 1 Day (2 Dives)


This course focuses on maximizing the benefits of dive computers, which are essential tools for modern divers, providing real-time information on depth, time, and decompression limits to ensure safe and enjoyable dives.

Price: €150 | Duration: 1 Day

Equipment Techniques

This course delves into the intricacies of scuba gear, providing divers with a deeper understanding of how to optimize equipment performance, ensure safety, and enhance their overall diving experience.

Price: €150 | Duration: 1 Day

Science of Diving

Designed to enhance divers’ understanding of the physics, physiology, and environment of diving, this course provides valuable insights into the factors that influence dive planning, safety, and performance.

Price: €200 | Duration: 1 Day

Enriched Air Nitrox

This dry specialty course focuses on the benefits, considerations, and procedures associated with diving with enriched air, which contains a higher percentage of oxygen than standard air mixtures.

Price: €120 | Duration: 1 Day

Gas Blender

This dry specialty course focuses on the principles, techniques, and safety procedures associated with gas blending, providing participants with the expertise to prepare custom gas mixes tailored to specific dive requirements.

Price: €350 | Duration: 1 Day

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