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Technical Diving


Welcome to a realm where adventure meets precision – Zenobia Wreck, a legendary dive site that beckons the daring at heart. Our Technical Diving Program invites experienced divers to delve into the extraordinary depths of this sunken marvel, combining skillful execution with an immersive exploration of the iconic Zenobia wreck.

Advanced Dive Planning

Our Technical Diving at Zenobia Wreck is meticulously planned, taking into account complex variables such as extended bottom times, decompression stops, and specialized gas mixtures. Dive with confidence, knowing that every detail is carefully considered for a safe and thrilling experience.

Exclusive Access to Deep Sections

Technical divers have the unique opportunity to explore the deeper sections of the Zenobia wreck, unveiling hidden chambers, cargo holds, and intricate passageways that lie beyond the reach of conventional dives. This exclusive access provides a truly unparalleled underwater adventure.

Mixed Gas Expertise

Experience the freedom of extended dive times and optimal gas management with our proficiency in mixed gas diving. Our Technical Diving Program at Zenobia Wreck offers divers the chance to utilize advanced gas mixtures, unlocking the ability to explore deeper realms and push personal boundaries.

Advanced Equipment

Dive with confidence using top-of-the-line technical diving equipment. Our gear is specifically designed for the demands of deep dives, ensuring reliability, precision, and comfort throughout your exploration of the Zenobia wreck.

Experienced Technical Dive Instructors

Our team of experienced technical dive instructors are passionate about pushing the boundaries of underwater exploration. Receive expert guidance and benefit from their wealth of knowledge as you navigate the intricate passages and captivating features of the Zenobia wreck.

Safety-Centric Approach

Safety is our top priority. Our Technical Diving Program adheres to the highest industry standards, incorporating thorough briefings, rigorous equipment checks, and adherence to decompression protocols. Dive with peace of mind as you explore the depths of the Zenobia wreck.

Embark on a Technical Diving Odyssey

For those seeking a dive that goes beyond the ordinary, our Technical Diving Program at the Zenobia wreck is your gateway to unparalleled underwater exploration. Join us as we venture into the abyss, unlocking the secrets of this iconic shipwreck with precision and expertise.

Dive Deeper, Explore Further: Zenobia Wreck Technical Diving – Where Skill Meets Adventure!


Zenobia Divers is a SSI Certified Dive Resort that offers a plethora of dive packages and products within Cyprus.

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